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     Your home is your biggest investment. We can help

      you use today's technology to beautify your home and

provide safety and security. Yes technology can be both

beautifying and functional. 

    From pathway and decorative lighting to networking and cameras.

     We can beautify your home or business and add security to your design.

          Making your property both beautiful and secure. CAER Technologies can install             decorative landscape and security lighting, cameras, and wireless networks to beautify        and protect your home or business. 

Our pros will discuss the current options available for your location. When we arrive we will discuss what is important to you and show you a wide range of finishes and designs from beautify displayed to completely hidden from sight. Then our tech will get some preliminary outside measurements and later provide you with a fully diagrammed quote to fit your budget.

Call us today for a free assessment and a demonstration of how lighting can improve your home's looks and security. 


Path and Area Lights

Underwater Lights

In-Grade and Well Lights

Hardscape Lights


Down Lights

Step and Wall Lights

Consider this, according to "Most thieves target homes that look easy to break into. They often pick a house by surveilling the neighborhood and finding the one with the most predictable patterns of when people come and go." 

We work with the top manufacturers and can offer a wide variety of options. Our designs can create a seemingly random occurrence of events, such as lights that change the frequency of activation and or colors and patterns, doorbells that show live audio/video of who is addressing the system and allow you to converse as if you were on the other side of the door. Security lights and cameras that activate when someone enters their field of view and record these events for later scrutiny. 

The Luxor ZDC Liting system has 40 programmable themes that can be implemented to vary times and behaviors of the lights around the home, giving the appearance of somebody's home. 

If you are considering incorporating Lighting with your landscape design please     contact Texas Design Landscapers for a professional design concept before the           first shovel hits the dirt.

        You can reach TDL at the link above or call them at 830-688-0835

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